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How To Participate In RootsTech 2018
Posted: February 19, 2018, 3:10am By: Bill Hobbs

Click Here to read about the 6 ways that you can participate in RootsTech 2018

FamilySearch May Free Webinars
Posted: April 27, 2017, 1:00am By: Bill Hobbs

No registration required, see for more information



Tue, 2-May, 10:00 AM

Overview of (Beginner)

Wed, 3-May, 10:00 AM

Spanish Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 3-May, 1:00 PM

Understanding Places in Ireland (Beginner)

Wed, 3-May, 3:00 PM

Ask Your United States Research Question (Beginner)

Thur, 4-May, 11:00 AM

Starting Family Tree: Attaching FamilySearch Sources to your Tree (Intermediate)

Thur, 4-May, 1:00 PM

British Case Study (Beginner)

Fri, 5-May, 1:00 PM

United States Case Study (Intermediate)

Sat, 6-May, 1:00 PM

Recursos genealógicos de Colombia (Beginner)

Mon, 8-May, 10:00 AM

Using the FHL Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Tue, 9-May, 11:00 AM

Norwegian Emigration: The Experience (Beginner)

Tue, 9-May, 11:00 AM

What is New at (Beginner)

Wed, 10-May, 10:00 AM

Italian Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Thur, 11-May, 11:00 AM

Using Social Media for Family History (Beginner)

Mon, 15-May, 9:00 AM

Finding German Places of Origin (Intermediate)

Mon, 15-May, 10:00 AM

Using the FHL Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Mon, 15-May, 10:15 AM

Spelling Variations in German Given and Place Names (Intermediate)

Mon, 15-May, 11:30 AM

Meyers German Gazetteer Now Online, Indexed and Fully Searchable (Beginner)

Mon, 15-May, 2:00 PM

German Church Records and Beyond: Deepen Your Research

Using a Variety of Town Records (Intermediate)

Mon, 15-May, 3:15 PM

Elusive Immigrant: Methods of Proving Identity (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 9:00 AM

Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 1 (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 10:15 AM

Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 2 (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 11:30 AM

Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 3 (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 1:00 PM

Tips and Tricks of Using FamilySearch’s Historical Records (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 2:00 PM

Out of the Ashes of Paris (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 3:15 PM

Research in Alsace-Lorraine (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 9:00 AM

Latin for Researchers (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 10:00 AM

French Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 10:15 AM

Calendar Changes in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the

Low Countries (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 11:30 AM

Gazetteers and Maps for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the

Netherlands (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 2:00 PM

Beginning Research in Luxembourg (Beginner)

Wed, 17-May, 3:15 PM

Beginning Research in Belgium (Beginner)

Thur, 18-May, 9:00 AM

Names in Belgium and the Netherlands (Intermediate)

Thur, 18-May, 10:15 AM

WieWasWie, Past the Index: What to do Next (Intermediate)

Thur, 18-May, 11:00 AM

Starting Family Tree: Submitting Names for Temple Work (Intermediate)

Thur, 18-May, 11:30 AM

Dutch Provincial and City Research (Intermediate)

Thurs, 18-May, 2:00 PM

Dutch Research Before 1811 (Intermediate)

Thu, 18-May, 3:15 PM

Finding Your Family in the Amazing Online Amsterdam City

Archives (Intermediate)

Fri, 19-May, 9:00 AM

Beginning Swiss Research Part 1 (Beginner)

Fri, 19-May, 10:15 AM

Beginning Swiss Research Part 2 (Beginner)

Fri, 19-May, 11:30 AM

Swiss Archives Online Records (Intermediate)

Fri, 19-May, 2:00 PM

Swiss Census Records (Beginner)

Fri, 19-May, 3:15 PM

Swiss Chorgericht Records (Intermediate)

Sat, 20-May, 1:00 PM

Diviértete con tus hijos creando una fiesta de Historia Familiar (Beginner)

Mon, 22-May, 10:00 AM

Using the FHL Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Tue, 23-May, 11:00 AM

FamilySearch Wiki (Beginner)

Tue, 23-May, 1:00 PM

Tracing Scottish Ancestry Online (Beginner)

Wed, 24-May, 10:00 AM

Portuguese Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 24-May, 2:00 PM

Databases for Swedish Genealogy (Intermediate)

Thu, 25-May, 10:00 AM

United States Census: Techniques and Strategies for Finding

Elusive Ancestors (Beginner)

Thur, 25-May, 1:00 PM

Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England’s North Country (Intermediate)

Tue, 30-May, 1:00 PM

Starting Family Tree: Open Questions and Answers (Beginner)

Wed, 31-May, 10:00 AM

Dutch Language Records Indexing ( 1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 31-May, 1:00 PM

Your British/Irish Research Questions Answered (Beginner)

Geneology Blogs
Posted: September 30, 2016, 5:03am By: Carol Moore

Since you are reading this, you are aware of the information available in blogs.  Genealogy blogs are a goldmine of information.

The first blog that may come to mind is which hosts a genealogy blog resource list of over 3,000 blogs, information on educational webinars and conferences (and some are free!) and genealogy products.

If it’s citations that catch your interest, Elizabeth Shown Mills’ is the premier resource.

Citations: Evaluating and Presenting Your Sources
Posted: September 21, 2016, 2:27am By: Carol Moore

The Greensboro Family History Center’s September Workshop featured Michele Doyle presenting the how and why of Citations.

The purpose of citations is to evaluate your evidence to justify the conclusions drawn, in other words, to ‘prove’ your genealogical findings.  Looking at where the information comes from, checking to make sure there are sources, being able to find that source again and evaluating conflicting information are several reasons for citing your work.

A notable concern for online records is the possibility that they will not always be available where they were originally found. FamilySearch does not own all the records found on the website, Records are often used under contract for a designated period of time from another owner of the repository. As such the links may not always be active. To avoid this problem, copy the citation AND keep a copy of the record, at least a digital copy, if not also a paper copy.

FamilySearch Wiki
Posted: August 15, 2016, 1:28am By: Carol Moore

While searching records is necessary for finding family members, sometimes language, customs, names or locations that are not familiar can make understanding the records difficult and sometimes downright confusing! Enter the FamilySearch Wiki, the free website for finding information about subjects, records and places that connect you to your ancestors.

An Introduction to the Family History Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Posted: August 2, 2016, 12:00am By: Carri Story

The Family History Center welcomes all people researching family trees—from the most seasoned genealogist to the person just starting out. There are genealogical helps at every turn at the Family History Center: the staff of volunteers, microfiche/microfilm readers, computers, books on local information, a printer with a scanner, an on-site microfilm library, and free access to many popular genealogy websites.

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