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Genealogy Tools to Make Your Work Easier

Presented by: Melanie Ide

Location: Greensboro LDS Stake Center
3719 Pinetop Road Greensboro, NC 27410
Thursday - February 8, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Want To Start Doing Your Family History And Don't Know Where To Start?

Download this 2 page pdf. It will help show you how to get started doing your Family History by using

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Tue, 2-May, 10:00 AM

Overview of (Beginner)

Wed, 3-May, 10:00 AM

Spanish Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 3-May, 1:00 PM

Understanding Places in Ireland (Beginner)

Wed, 3-May, 3:00 PM

Ask Your United States Research Question (Beginner)

Thur, 4-May, 11:00 AM

Starting Family Tree: Attaching FamilySearch Sources to your Tree (Intermediate)

Thur, 4-May, 1:00 PM

British Case Study (Beginner)

Fri, 5-May, 1:00 PM

United States Case Study (Intermediate)

Sat, 6-May, 1:00 PM

Recursos genealógicos de Colombia (Beginner)

Mon, 8-May, 10:00 AM

Using the FHL Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Tue, 9-May, 11:00 AM

Norwegian Emigration: The Experience (Beginner)

Tue, 9-May, 11:00 AM

What is New at (Beginner)

Wed, 10-May, 10:00 AM

Italian Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Thur, 11-May, 11:00 AM

Using Social Media for Family History (Beginner)

Mon, 15-May, 9:00 AM

Finding German Places of Origin (Intermediate)

Mon, 15-May, 10:00 AM

Using the FHL Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Mon, 15-May, 10:15 AM

Spelling Variations in German Given and Place Names (Intermediate)

Mon, 15-May, 11:30 AM

Meyers German Gazetteer Now Online, Indexed and Fully Searchable (Beginner)

Mon, 15-May, 2:00 PM

German Church Records and Beyond: Deepen Your Research

Using a Variety of Town Records (Intermediate)

Mon, 15-May, 3:15 PM

Elusive Immigrant: Methods of Proving Identity (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 9:00 AM

Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 1 (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 10:15 AM

Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 2 (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 11:30 AM

Finding Your French Ancestors Online Part 3 (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 1:00 PM

Tips and Tricks of Using FamilySearch’s Historical Records (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 2:00 PM

Out of the Ashes of Paris (Intermediate)

Tue, 16-May, 3:15 PM

Research in Alsace-Lorraine (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 9:00 AM

Latin for Researchers (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 10:00 AM

French Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 10:15 AM

Calendar Changes in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the

Low Countries (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 11:30 AM

Gazetteers and Maps for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the

Netherlands (Intermediate)

Wed, 17-May, 2:00 PM

Beginning Research in Luxembourg (Beginner)

Wed, 17-May, 3:15 PM

Beginning Research in Belgium (Beginner)

Thur, 18-May, 9:00 AM

Names in Belgium and the Netherlands (Intermediate)

Thur, 18-May, 10:15 AM

WieWasWie, Past the Index: What to do Next (Intermediate)

Thur, 18-May, 11:00 AM

Starting Family Tree: Submitting Names for Temple Work (Intermediate)

Thur, 18-May, 11:30 AM

Dutch Provincial and City Research (Intermediate)

Thurs, 18-May, 2:00 PM

Dutch Research Before 1811 (Intermediate)

Thu, 18-May, 3:15 PM

Finding Your Family in the Amazing Online Amsterdam City

Archives (Intermediate)

Fri, 19-May, 9:00 AM

Beginning Swiss Research Part 1 (Beginner)

Fri, 19-May, 10:15 AM

Beginning Swiss Research Part 2 (Beginner)

Fri, 19-May, 11:30 AM

Swiss Archives Online Records (Intermediate)

Fri, 19-May, 2:00 PM

Swiss Census Records (Beginner)

Fri, 19-May, 3:15 PM

Swiss Chorgericht Records (Intermediate)

Sat, 20-May, 1:00 PM

Diviértete con tus hijos creando una fiesta de Historia Familiar (Beginner)

Mon, 22-May, 10:00 AM

Using the FHL Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Tue, 23-May, 11:00 AM

FamilySearch Wiki (Beginner)

Tue, 23-May, 1:00 PM

Tracing Scottish Ancestry Online (Beginner)

Wed, 24-May, 10:00 AM

Portuguese Language Records Indexing (1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 24-May, 2:00 PM

Databases for Swedish Genealogy (Intermediate)

Thu, 25-May, 10:00 AM

United States Census: Techniques and Strategies for Finding

Elusive Ancestors (Beginner)

Thur, 25-May, 1:00 PM

Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England’s North Country (Intermediate)

Tue, 30-May, 1:00 PM

Starting Family Tree: Open Questions and Answers (Beginner)

Wed, 31-May, 10:00 AM

Dutch Language Records Indexing ( 1½ hrs) (Intermediate)

Wed, 31-May, 1:00 PM

Your British/Irish Research Questions Answered (Beginner)

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