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    Finding Easy Information

    Interested in genealogy and family history? Watch a video introduction to learn how to get started by finding information that is easy and readily available.

    Finding Easy Information
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    Recording And Sharing Your Family History

    Interested in genealogy and family history? Watch a training video to learn how to record and share your research findings. This is the second in a four video series on getting started with your family history.

    Recording & Sharing Your Family History
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    Finding Challenging Information


    Interested in genealogy and family history? Watch a short video on how to find more challenging details about your ancestors. This is the third in a four video series on getting started with family history.

    Finding Challenging Information
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    Your Story

    Learn how to discover more about who you are by learning the stories of your ancestors.

    Discover Your Story
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    Interested in genealogy and family history research? Learn how to get started for free using the resources and records available at, the largest organization dedicated to the preservation of genealogical records and promotion of family history. FamilySearch is a non-profit organization dedicated to help everyone discover their ancestors


War Family History Research Series, May-July

War Series III: Guilford Courthouse-The Revolutionary War in Our Own Backyard, What Happened and What Can Be Found There Now.

Date: July 9, 2015

Staff from the Guilford Courthouse National Park, will present the history of the events that took place here in Greensboro and share record sources that are available at the park.

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Thursday - August 13, 2015
How to Search a Cemetery
Thursday - September 10, 2015
What Was Happening When...How to Use Timelines for Family History
Thursday - October 8, 2015
How to Preserve Your Photo Memories
Thursday - November 12, 2015
Fun with Interviews
Thursday - December 10, 2015
RootsTech Video: Valerie Elkins, Leaving a Recorded Legacy

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